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Masoala Forest Lodge Sunset CanoeingOn the wild north-east coast of Madagascar lays a hidden unspoiled place where nature still reigns in undiminished glory – The Masoala Peninsula.  Now the Masoala Forest Lodge opens up this last Eden of Bio-diversity to those with a love of nature and a desire for adventure.



Our journey begins with a flight to the small town of Maroantsetra where we board the motorboat for an exciting voyage across the Bay d’Antongil, w World Heritage Site and breeding ground for humpback whales, to the Masoala peninsula.

This densely forested peninsula contains the largest remaining block of protected rainforest and harbours an important part of the fauna and flora of Madagascar, including a wealth of rare and unique species.

Set behind golden beaches, in the vast rainforest of the Masoala National Park, a luxurious outpost of tented accommodation awaits us – The Masoala Forest Lodge.  From the comfort of the lodge we explore the wildlife of this natural paradise with forest walks, snorkelling, kayaking and swimming in the sea and the crystal clear streams, whale watching and fishing.

If time permits, there are day excursions by boat, on foot, or by kayak to other special places on the Masoala Peninsula and multi-day sea kayak expeditions for the more adventurous.


€1110 per person sharing fully inclusive

€1434 per person single fully inclusive

HONEYMOON SPECIAL:  €1000 per person  fully inclusive

 masoala forest lodge madagascar


Set departures itineraries Mondays and Saturdays from 29 April – 02 Dec 2013

Monday/Saturday Day 1

We are met on arrival at Maroantsetra airport and transfer to the hotel in Maroantsetra for the night

Tuesday/Sunday Day 2

After an early breakfast in the Maroantsetra hotel we transfer to the boat for the voyage across the Bay d’Antongil to the Masoala Forest Lodge.  The journey takes between 1-2 hours, with the possibility of dolphin and whale sightings in season and the densely forested mountains of the Masoala Peninsula as a dramatic backdrop to the destination.

Masoala Forest Lodge Sunset Canoeing

On arrival in paradise, we go ashore on the golden beach in the gem of a sheltered cove and settle into camp.  After freshening up in the luxury tented accommodation we have an opportunity to explore the beaches and enjoy a swim before lunch.

After lunch and a short siesta we take a walk down the beaches of the stunningly beautiful coastline, with the possibility of spotting white-fronted brown lemurs in the coastal forest.

After watching the sunset over the sea, with the “Sacred Island” and fantastic rock formations of Tapolo Point in the foreground, we return to camp by torch light, with the intriguing possibility of seeing some of Masoala’s secretive nocturnal wildlife such as Leaf-tailed gecko or Dwarf and Mouse lemurs.

Masoala Forest Lodge lemurs nature

Wednesday/Monday Day 3

We wake early and take coffee and breakfast in the dining house overlooking the beach and then we set off on the day’s adventure.  Today this is a walk down the beach in the other direction and up into the primary rainforest in search of the red –ruffed lemurs, dwarf chameleons and other wildlife endemic to this forest.  After some hours in the dense forest with giant hardwoods and majestic tree ferns we return to camp for a well-earned lunch and rest before the afternoon activity.  This could be a snorkel on the nearby reefs, rich in underwater diversity, or a sea kayak to the look-out point at “Secret Cove”, with the chance of a close encounter with Bottlenose Dolphin or Green Turtle.

Thursday/Tuesday Day 4

After an early breakfast, we depart on a walk through the coastal forest, in search of the endemic Helmeted Vanga, to the crystal clear cascades of the Tampolo River at the foot of the forested mountains.  After a welcome swim, followed by a short walk, we board the traditional dugout pirogue for a trip downstream to the beach and back to camp.  After lunch, we enjoy a relaxed afternoon swimming on the nearby private beaches or snorkelling on the coral reefs, with perhaps another nocturnal walk in the nearby coastal forest for a chance of spotting some more wildlife, maybe even the elusive Aye-Aye.

Friday/Wednesday Day 5

Masoala Forest Lodge butterfly

We have the opportunity to return to the primary forest in search of more endemic wildlife, or alternatively we set off on the sea kayaks on an exploration of the coastline around Tampolo point, stopping for a swim on the beach of the “Sacred Island’ and then kayak into a pristine mangrove and forested river, with the chance of spotting blue-spotted stingrays in the shallow water or perhaps the Lesser bamboo lemurs crossing the river.  We return to camp for lunch and a short rest before an evening of entertainment and high spirits in the camp with a visit of the traditional Malagasy music and dance group from the local village of Ambodiforaha.

Saturday/Thursday Day 6

After a relaxed breakfast we board the boat for the return voyage to Maroantsetra in time for the flight out to Antananarivo.

Masoala Forest Lodge Boat

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