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Pretoriuskop Camp

This is one of the oldest camps in the Park, therefore still reflect some of the grandeur of old times.


There is lots of space for children to play and its swimming pool, the first ever built in the Park, is partially out of natural rock.
Things to do or see:
•A small impala herd grazes the lawns surrounding the huts inside the camp. Hyenas however often patrol the outside of the fences .
•A vast number of different game species roam the area and this is one of the few places in the park where the diminutive redduiker and oribi are also found.
•A dip in the most attractive swimming pool in the park is definitely a highlight not to miss.
Tariffs for '18

From R 379 (1-2 People) per night
From: R 1 211 (1-2 People) per night
Family Cottages:
From: R 2 512 (1-4 People) per night
Guest Houses: 
From: R 4 661 (1-4 People) per night
Camp Site:
From: R 288 (1-2 People) per night
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